nothing happens lyrics


.the way back.

his eyes shifting watery winding down the trail

it’s a long way back to meet the ones he failed

where ugliness and greed and sloth prevailed

he couldn’t help but feel his dream had been derailed

upon his final realization that

from the top there’s one place left to go—

head back home

his aspirations crashing down,

asphyxiating, crushing him below

he should have known

that sometimes escape is the only good reason to live

and once we do break out, we find that we have nothing left

“so take me home,” but he didn’t mean it

so he stumbled down the mountainside

feeling like his life had been resigned

he lacked the pride

to think he could’ve made it back

to think he could make himself be a man

he couldn’t stand

and sometimes we find that in life there is no choice no make

no regret in the actions when we find there’s no course to take

“so take me home, ‘cause i don’t need them”

and he flies off the mountainside in his final act

there was no choice in death or going back

he closes his eyes, waits for the final crash

into the earth he finds his own way back.


write another song about a sister

reminisce about the time that she was far from gone

yeah i think i’m really gonna miss her

pessimism never let it carry on for too long

she’s gone…

i can’t stand the separation that’s been running in my head

i can’t stand the lack of contact, i’ve been feeling it

letter another one letter another one

take and put this message in a song and then deliver it, take my letter!

what about a brother left without one

what about another lonely feeling song, gone all wrong

cite a paragraph about destruction

quote a passage from a book i’m working on…so long

he’s gone—

read and learn a lesson or become another worthless piece of shit

turn and walk away cold shoulder can you feel it yet

letter another one letter another one

taking all the torture, it’s a priceless piece of membership

ink it in your chest until you can’t remember to take my letter!

we’ll consider it, we’ll give it more one more try

one more turn – my lifeline, think i’ll miss them, oh please don’t cry

guess i’ll leave them with a dedicated song

guess i’ll get it wrong – it remains the last longest goodbye

so long—

goodbye to all the divey bars we’re used to hanging in

goodbye to you, this message, hope you’re reading it

letter another one letter another one

goodbye to all the shows, i hope it’s worth remembering

goodbye to you and all the songs i haven’t written until you

take my letter.

.annihilation (made in the usa).

it started back in 1952, progenitor to the use

of war tactics of napalm in the korean state

then Vietnam 1963 depressurized dioxin

the blistered faces gazing up, the planes unleash again

it happened again 1989, chemical blasts for war crimes

when noriega’s government failed to comply

it happened again gulf war 91, depleted uranium

whose half-life ensures that we’re outlived by our destruction

so kick right through these doors, can’t take these lies no more

does anybody see what’s going on?

we trade complacence for excuse to wage new war

does anybody see what’s going on?

are lessons learned only so we forget, or have we failed to hear the message?

violence breeds vindication, they’re gonna give it back

and in our hands lies another decade when we can proudly claim

that your annihilation was made in the usa!


we left our homes with only our clothes

the crack and the screams and the lives left without,

it was awful. and we followed.

the worst, they feared, the smoke slowly cleared

and in that portrayal lay remnants of life

it was awful. and we followed.

from Exposure by Wilfred Owen

The poignant misery of dawn begins to grow ...

We only know war lasts, rain soaks, and clouds sag stormy.

Dawn massing in the east her melancholy army

Attacks once more in ranks on shivering ranks of gray,

But nothing happens.”

lie and you lie, confuse it all, you deny

watch as we fall, pause for resolve, informal stall, i’ll carry on

remind me.


To-night, His frost will fasten on this mud and us,

Shriveling many hands and puckering foreheads crisp.

The burying-party, picks and shovels in their shaking grasp,

Pause over half-known faces. All their eyes are ice,

But nothing happens.

combine and combine, promise it all, then you cry

see what i saw, remember it all, vivid recall, we had it all

remind me.

die and you die

remind you…

pause for resolve, informal law, carry it on, remind me.

.pink slip.

man sits alone at his desk in a dusty gray room,

his shelves are a mess, hourglass sin white sand

no longer a man, got a gun in the drawer

and a pink slip in his hand

a daydream of old days, he startles, he’s awake

a voice just outside the door

he sits back in his chair, holds his breath one more year

should he bleed for one month more?

runs his hand through silver hair, no respect after 20 long years

just one moment of peace for this old man to prepare

quiet rap on the door, his replacement chimes in, ‘are you still there?’

not for long… it’s his only conversation today so far

replacing an old part, remove an old man’s heart

i think it’s time that they should know

all about motivation, lifelong dedication

now his position’s sold

gentle beckon, ‘come on in,’ some relief in a simple grin

repercussions, his actions see none, a lonely sin

he’ll retire with all of his friends gone long before him, he’s the last

getting by because he’s living in the past

no one will notice he’s dead, with his pension run dry

his father had said, ‘you can try as you can, bleed red for the man,

but you’ll always end up with a pink slip in you hand.’

our last sad bitter day

light overtakes night, and then so subtly the conversations die

i breathe, you’re next to me still smiling and all our friendspassed out haplesslyin time, the morning comes and we will sleep the day waiting for the sunto die back down so we can buy a round and laugh like teenagersjust one more timeour lives seamlessly pass, each day when light dies downwe never seem to ask ourselves, ‘are we moving too fast?’there’s never one more chance, we know nothing lastsso just smile back at me and sing along, raising up your glassstay with me. wait. we can’t relive this day.and yet you’re here. i find you close. year after year.we fight for most our lives to maintain some dignityamidst the pain and bitterness, in love we find the pridethere exist no words there’s nothing you’ve heardthat will make you understand how you’ve made this world a place worth living inlight overtakes night and then so subtly the conversations diestay i’ll keep this framed deep in my memory where I can keep you safestay with me. wait. we can’t relive this day. and yet you’re friends you’ve stayed. until our last sad bitter day.until the time runs out, i’ll hold my glass up high for you and on and on again…

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