poor nasty brutish and short lyrics

Good Morning Corporate America

Today will be the day I finally even up the score

I’m finally giving up, can’t play this game no more

I’ve made a resolution: everyone goes down today

Take myself out too, authorities won’t have their way

Corporate America this is your wake-up call

Another round of ammo sprayed through your cubicles

Shot rings out, vengeance in a nameless crowd

Another day closes, Dow is up the men are down

Explosion of wealth, it’s all in someone else’s hands

Jealousy so sick, bound me to unreal demands

Go and grab a gun and give them all what they deserve

Losing every day, I live my life on my last nerve

True justice won’t be served till blood spills on the office floor

Cause that’s just how I cope with everybody having more

Then everyone will remember that I never lost this game

Then I took myself out, 14 men and women slain

Before I took myself out I sent 14 men straight to their graves

There’s no use in running, I aim for whatever moves

Take out anyone falling in my line of view

Then finally the justice upon which I have so longed for

Now that you’re all dead, no need to live anymore

A message to the world to sound for years and years to come

Don’t lose others’ money and don’t have any of your own

Because no one is to blame for his own incompetence

Justice with a gun, doesn’t it make perfect sense?

Killing for my loss is the only recompense


But... everyone’s on the run, fuck you I called shotgun!

Everyone’s on the run, who will be the victim?

Everyone’s on the run, work now, it’s just no fun

Everyone’s on the run yeah on the run

Yeah, corporate America this is your wake-up call

Another round of ammo sprayed through your cubicles

Never go to work and never trust a man again

Working for your life, better off just stay in bed

The sun goes down upon the urban madness

Reds on the horizon blend with the corporate bloody mess

This will be the message to sound for years and years to come

Unless again tomorrow someone brings another gun

I know again tomorrow, someone brings another gun.


Left Behind

This memory it still burns my mind, like the sun the day I left you behind

All the heat and the fears, the flashes from our lives

You walked away down that gravel road, all I could do was stand and watch you go

Deep breath to hold my tears, turn around and go home

Then you walked away, on that summer day

Everything behind, you know I swear I thought you’d die

Left Behind

Relentless sun on a tragic day, I turned around to watch you walk away

Clouds gathered above me, the whole world it turned gray

The sky fell down and I sunk below, and I felt, yeah, you would never know

This guilt just like that storm, inside me it still grows

And you walked away, sunny till that day

Everything behind, you know I swear I thought you’d die

Left Behind

Buried my head in my regrets, everything I’ve ever loved I’ve left

Packed my bags, left you there, headed back out West

Look it was me there all along, always pretending to be strong

Did you ever think I could have been so wrong?

And you walked away, sunny till that day

Everything behind you know I swear I thought I’d...


Here we go, no control, man overboard

Don’t let go, we’ll make it home, we’ll make it home

But you hit the gas, face to the glass

Teeth in the dash, I knew you’d crash

But we walked away (I don’t think so)

Blood on my face

And left the car (I don’t think so)

And no one saw

Broken bones, drunk and stoned, tried to run home

Got fucking lost, ran from the cops, trails of blood, trails of blood

The dizziness, no oxygen

No direction, and I’d do it again

But we found our way (I don’t think so)

Scarred to this day

My friend we lived (I don’t think so)

And I’d do it again

Here we go, no control, overboard, don’t let go, make it home, make it home, Crashed


Another cry for help, I’m left here by myself,

The razor blades free memories trapped inside my hell

Remote and TV guide, a sanctuary to hide

At least another 13 reasons not to end this lie

So I hate, it all turns to red

And all the blood I’ve bled, and this pounding in my head

Makes me wish you all were dead

14 years I blame it all on you

Left alone in everything I do

And all my helplessness,

Something you can’t address

The more I lose my mind, the easier to hide

Run from all the memories from this embittered life

There’s no where to look ahead, all my dreams are dead

Along with every bit of hope that I’ve ever had

And I hate, that I can see the end

This pounding in my head, and I’ll the blood I’ve bled

It makes me wish you all were dead

You’re dead


I can’t see inside your head and now I’m sick of trying

I push, you hurt, I ask, you nod and then I heard you crying

You tell me later on, by then the blood is drawn

Who knows when you’ll take off and hide from all your worries

I walk on eggshells even so the path often eludes me

You say we’ll be okay, but sometimes I don’t know


Silence is your best friend, you cling when fear sets in

Please let me in your troubled world

Instinct you hide your thoughts, from me why can’t we talk

Please let me in your troubled world

I don’t intend to torture you so why does it still happen

I have to ask you ‘what did I do,’ the usual ‘oh nothing’

I’m tired of this game so please just let me lose

Let me in I want to help include me in your pain

If not, you’ll wither all alone, suffering in vain

You say we’ll be okay, now I know that’s a lie

I hung the phone up and I threw it at the wall

I stood by every time and watched you take the fall



One day he awoke and stared at the wall

A shadow of a man, not a man at all

He looked at the mirror and cried in disgust

At the immature boy he now could not trust

Shameless, nameless, painless, brainless

Regret your mistakes, lament your misdeeds

False starts are redone from this point proceed

Look back on your youth, your legacy torture

You think of those times, in your mind fast forward

Shameless, nameless, brainless, painless,


Recognition of words left unsaid

Realization all that shit in your head

Appreciation, the role that they played

Procrastination one day I’ll repay

Shameless, nameless, brainless, painless


Frontier Friday Nite

I’ll keep this chair, losing all my money, a Frontier Friday Nite

Another card, another drink please, another face and I’m all right

Winning cards, like seeing smiling faces, the happiness I knew

Now here alone, so still but running, another race I’ll lose

And you know all of my failures should be another man’s fortune

My luck it fades so fast

This game we play, these cards we’re dealt

And I don’t think I’ll last

I’m cashing out, sick of always losing, so if I walked away,

Would you remember, I’m finally giving up so, please don’t hold my place

Fuck your rules, intolerable standards, cause I know they’re not right

Here’s my cards, I finally fold sir, and I give up on life

Infected Youth

Here is your collection of your ill, infected youth

So misunderstood, just construe an image, hide the truth

To keep them off the streets, you’ll just lock them up in jail

Neglected and forgotten, lives their lives in utter hell


But what the fuck is really wrong with being young?

Shut your mouth you’ve got nothing to say

As if I gave a fuck anyway

Just what the fuck is going on these days?


Every time you turn around, you’ll hear the motherfuckers go

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Don’t give them anything, try and stand your ground, hear the motherfucker’s go

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah

They’re all coming after you

Don’t try to understand them or don’t try to get them help

Everyone is safer if they’re left alone all by themselves

To think about their crimes in dark and solitary cells

Out on good behavior, you expect them to reform in hell?



Never once given a chance, they make mistakes, the stigma lasts

But have you ever tried to help, to understand a life in hell?

One kid goes down, one kid to the ground, one in the federal pen

One kid goes down, one kid to the ground, wash away this mess

One kid goes down, one kid go the ground, one six feet below

But they’re all dead or locked away, so no one every knows

But I know.

Black Sheep

Sunken footsteps, roadmap for your life

Stumble upon them, careful fall in line

Tell you to fight, to try, expectations it’s a lie

Know your life was never on the line

But you hide, turn inside, collapsing underneath your smile

Every part of you that’s you decays in time

And the undertow (I can’t help you)

Drags you below

You try so hard, but for what you don’t know

Wish I hadn’t done the things I’ve done

Build up your foundations like you say

The tide crashed in, washed them all away

In time, you’ll find, the strength you have comes from your own mind

One day this will all be far behind

Now stray, far away, it’s time that you controlled your fate

And Amy if you never return, I’ll understand

The undertow (I can’t help you)

Drags you below

Struggle for air, in a world you’ve never known

Wish I hadn’t done the thing I’ve done

Bring it Down

Isolation, solitary, trapped in my self-restrain

Deep reflection, introspection, spiral downward in this shame

Thinking too loud, it’s weighing me down, why couldn’t they let me go?

Pulling harder, squeezing tighter, your hands, around my throat

No, please let go, daddy please, please let go

Falling forward, noises unheard, close my eyes and I clench my teeth

In the darkness, I fall in sickness, the pain that I don’t see

But I’ve tried and I’ve tried to put it all behind me

I lied, denied, I’d hide, contrive to live my life...

To break out free

In time we all must break out

Shed light on shadows of doubt

Pick feet up off the ground

To scale that wall and bring it down, Bring it Down

Locked up, forever locked out

Held down never once allowed

So I told them all to fuck off

I told you I would bring it down, Bring it Down

Isolation, solitary, now I say fuck this shame

Blew the whistle, stopped the clock cause, well that’s not my game

Shame, please let go, bring it down, bring me down, I brought it down

In time we all must break out

Shed light on shadows of doubt

So I told them all to fuck off

I told you I would bring it down, Bring it Down