the way back

the way back

his eyes shifting watery winding down the trail

it’s a long way back to meet the ones he failed

where ugliness and greed and sloth prevailed

he couldn’t help but feel his dream had been derailed

upon his final realization that

from the top there’s one place left to go—

head back home

his aspirations crashing down,

asphyxiating, crushing him below

he should have known

that sometimes escape is the only good reason to live

and once we do break out, we find that we have nothing left

“so take me home,” but he didn’t mean it

so he stumbled down the mountainside

feeling like his life had been resigned

he lacked the pride

to think he could’ve made it back

to think he could make himself be a man

he couldn’t stand

and sometimes we find that in life there is no choice no make

no regret in the actions when we find there’s no course to take

“so take me home, ‘cause i don’t need them”

and he flies off the mountainside in his final act

there was no choice in death or going back

he closes his eyes, waits for the final crash

into the earth he finds his own way back.